Savor Our Seasons: Summer Squash

By Liza Drew, Keene State College Dietetic Intern

Flavorful fact:
Much of the squash plant in edible, including the tendrils, shoots, flowers,fruit and seeds.

Though they may not bring the same excitement as curly garlic scapes or a perfectly ripe heirloom tomato, summer squash and zucchini grow abundantly in New Hampshire and should not be taken for granted. Summer squash has lots of vitamin A and fiber, and is very low in calories. Also, there are many interesting varieties of summer squash including pattypan and scallopini, for a change of shape and size. If you’re tired of making zucchini bread in an effort to use up your zucchini before it turns to mush, you are in luck!

This summer salad recipe has endless variations depending on what you have available. Try making it with other grains such as quinoa or even a whole grain cous cous. Grilling the vegetables will give the salad more flavor, but sautéing them as the recipe suggests will work in a pinch. The vinaigrette also works nicely as a sauce for fish or chicken.

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