Savor Our Seasons: Honey

From Benefits of Honey Blog

By Liza Drew, Keene State College Dietetic Intern

Flavorful Fact: Over the past fifty years, honeybee populations have declined drastically worldwide. Though the cause of this colony collapse is still unclear, pesticides, pathogens, and genetic modification of crops likely contributes. Small-scale beekeepers are essential for maintaining the genetic diversity needed to sustain the bee population, which is a crucial aspect of our food system.

Honey is one of the sweetest natural substances, even sweeter than table sugar. It also dissolves more easily into liquids and imparts a unique and distinct flavor into foods and drinks.

During the winter months when days are short I often yearn for something sweet to brighten my day.  A spoonful of honey stirred into a hot cup of herbal tea works well. This time of year I also feel like baking, perhaps to make up for the hot summer nights when a cold salad for dinner was all I could muster, or perhaps just to raise the temperature of the kitchen a few degrees. Either way, nothing will warm you up like the smell of baking bread.

Lately I’ve been baking lots of bread, from pita to pretzels. However, my favorite bread I’ve made so far isn’t baked at all, and is one of the easiest to make. English muffins are hardly kneaded and the dough only requires one rise. The trickiest part is cooking them on the stove, only because it requires 15 agonizing minutes of patience before you can split them with a fork and spread them with butter and honey. Don’t forget your cup of tea.

Try this Recipe:

English Muffins