Savor Our Seasons: Apples

By Liza Drew, RD

Flavorful Fact: Where have all the apples gone? This year has been a tough one for many local orchards. That balmy weather we enjoyed last March was one culprit, causing trees to bud early and then get damaged by a frost a few weeks later. Trees that made it bloomed about two weeks ahead of schedule, which can mean an early end to the season as well, so get them now before they’re gone!

Apples are synonymous with autumn, which is why this year’s early apple crop caught many of us off guard. So many autumn traditions revolve around apples. From field trips at orchards to caramel covered apples at Halloween, the thought of fall without apples is downright dreary. Some of my sweetest memories involve apples. For the past few years my back yard has turned into a cider-pressing factory this time of year with endless apples to gather. Not this year. We don’t have a single apple on the trees around our house.  In honor of our missing apples, here is a favorite recipe, which highlights the bright taste of a freshly picked apple.

Try this Recipe: Baked Apples Stuffed with Spiced Citrus Filling