Round Up for Meals on Wheels in March

Round Up Slider MOW march 16During the month of March, Monadnock Food Co-op encourages customers to round their purchase totals up to donate their change to Cheshire County Meals on Wheels.

Cheshire County Meals on Wheels (run by Home, Healthcare, Hospice and Community Services) brings over 100,000 meals to home-bound seniors and community members with disabilities, enabling them to eat at least one hot, nutritious meal and see one smiling face each day. Serving over 400 of our friends and neighbors in Cheshire County, around 50% of the recipients are over 80 years old, 65% live alone, and more than 65% of all the recipients rely on the Meals on Wheels delivery as their main meal of the day.

Since the cost of a whole year’s worth of meals is about the same as one day in hospital or about one week in a care facility, Meals on Wheels not only enables 92% of these seniors to live at home when they could not otherwise, but enables their families and communities to afford dignified care for loved ones in their later years.

We are excited to offer this opportunity to donate to Meals on Wheels during their fundraising drive March for Meals.

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