Thanks Jen Riz!

2015-04-30 Jen & Michael croppedWhen a long time staff person leaves, we like to celebrate their next endeavors and recognize their contributions while sending them off.  Thankfully in this case, Jen Risley is not entirely leaving us, but she deserves a major recognition for her contributions as she transitions into a part time role in our marketing department.

Jen has been engaged with our Co-op from the very beginning of this project in 2007-2008, when she began attending meetings and volunteering to help.  She later served as one of the founding Board of Directors, and her name is still enshrined in our Article of Incorporation — our founding Co-op document.

In 2012, Jen was hired as our first staff member and very first Marketing & Membership manager. Through all of this work, Jen demonstrated her commitment, dedication and immense passion to helping create a cooperative enterprise benefiting our community — that also helps build a strong local economy.

Thank you Jen for all your contributions.  We look forward to working with you and seeing your energetic spirit in our store as you continue your work in our marketing department.