Resolutions & Solutions: Plastics

New Year’s Resolution

From Bob M. –

To stop using all single-use plastics and to encourage all businesses I support to also…


Bob’s goal, to stop using single-use plastics meant to be used once and then thrown away or recycled, is on the top of our minds, too.  Forty percent of the plastic produced each year is destined to become packaging.  How does your co-op balance the reality that plastics are everywhere — and offer you choices that support this resolution?

The nature documentary, Blue Planet II, brought much-needed attention to the perils of plastic pollution in our oceans — and National Geographic Magazine asks the question “Planet or Plastic?

What are you reading, watching, hearing that motivates you to stop using single-use plastics? How are you making this resolution happen? Please share your inspiration with us.


When you shop:

  • Bring your own bottles and containers to use at the co-op
  • Eat in our cafe and use our dishware and silverware.
  • Bring a canvas bag or borrow one from our bag tree — we also provide cardboard boxes for you to use to transport your groceries home.
  • Vote with your dollars and buy in bulk and choose products with minimal packaging.