Take Your Place at the Table

APATT_PM_banner_960x336Monadnock Food Co-op is joining with community groups locally and nationwide to support the Take Your Place Social Action Campaign.  Learn more about about the issues, upcoming events and how you can get involved.

From Active Voice

The Issue

Fifty million people in the United States—including one in five children—are hungry and do not get enough to eat on a regular basis to be healthy and active.

At the same time two-thirds of adults and nearly one-third of children and adolescents are obese or overweight.

Hunger and obesity are two sides of the same coin: lower-income families living in underserved communities are more likely to be both hungry and overweight. Communities that focus on increasing residents’ access to healthy affordable foods can help address both health issues. Without access to foods that can help families and communities stay healthy, disease and health care costs will continue to rise.

The Causes

Processed food is often cheap, plentiful and easier to stock for longer periods of time – making it an attractive option to small stores in economically depressed areas.

Many people who live in poverty also live in a food desert, an area with limited access to affordable and nutritious foods.

Schools are serving meals to hungry kids, but it is a challenge to serve healthy meals with tight food budgets.

More than 46 million families receive food assistance and the average food stamp benefit is roughly $9 dollars per day, per household. Many families struggle to feed their kids and find it next to impossible to incorporate healthier foods as well.

Your Role

We all agree on a systemic change to our food system: so how do we get there?

Solutions are emerging on two parallel tracks, both of which are critical to achieving food security.

National: Policy change at the national level is critical to enforcing the values of a food system that addresses food assistance, livable wage, subsidies, and other issues that impact communities.

Local: Working with individuals in communities and supporting the work of food banks, working to increase access to healthy affordable food, improving school lunches in your community, are also critical in finding solutions and advocating for changes.

The Campaign

The critically acclaimed documentary A Place at the Table, directed by Kristi Jacobson and Lori Silverbush, examines the connections between food access, food security, hunger and obesity.

The Take Your Place Social Action Campaign brings together, a consortium of leading nonprofit organizations, experts, companies and engaged community members who are concerned about the high level of food insecurity and obesity in our country.  It’s designed to spur conversation and generate solutions to address our nation’s crisis of hunger and obesity.