Patronage Rebate Donation Option

We will match your patronage refunds donated to our Cooperative Community Fund:

Just as last year, if you donate your patronage refund to our Monadnock Cooperative Community Fund (MCCF) and we raise $6,000 in donations, those donations will be matched by $6,000. Organic Valley, Frontier Co-op and National Cooperative Bank will jointly donate $3,000 and our co-op will donate another $3,000. Your generous donations could add another $12,000 to our MCCF!

The Monadnock Cooperative Community Fund is a permanent endowment fund within the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation (TPCF) that pools the funds of over 45 co-ops and invests only in the development of co-ops. Talk about cooperation! The co-op businesses being developed range from worker and producer co-ops, to consumer co-ops like ours, and housing co-ops like the 123 mobile home parks across New Hampshire, home to 7000 families, that have already become cooperatives. Allowing residents to buy the land they once rented can be a significant opportunity in our neighbor’s lives. Some of our own member-owners are residents of Pine Grove in West Swanzey and were instrumental in converting it into a co-op fifteen years ago and can attest to the benefits of cooperatively buying the park they once rented.

Being an endowment that invests in co-op development, our MCCF returns approximately 3% interest annually, which is sent directly to a local non-profit of our choosing. This ensures your donation is further re-circulated in ways that do good for both the cooperative movement and our community. To learn more about Cooperative Community Funds active in our state, click here.

In order to donate your Patronage Refund to the Monadnock Cooperative Community Fund, notify your cashier when they prompt you to redeem your patronage refund starting in November. You must redeem your patronage refund by March 15th, 2018. If you cannot visit our co-op before that time, call Gary Tochterman at (603) 283 5404