October is Co-op Month!


Co-ops Grow Communities

Co-ops around the world share a set of guiding principles with the Monadnock Food Co-op, including “cooperation among cooperatives,” and “concern for community.” When you purchase delicious, healthy food at our co-op, you’re supporting a business that cares about people and contributes to a livable, sustainable community. And when you choose products from co-op farmers and vendors, that impact grows and grows!

In October, we’re proud to join with nearly 150 food co-ops around the country to celebrate the many stories of how cooperative companies, suppliers, manufacturers and farmers are growing strong, healthy communities around the world. Together with our co-op shoppers, we can make a difference!

The participating companies in the October 5-18 promotion work with cooperative suppliers and manufacturers are cooperatives themselves, and as such, work to build strong bonds between the people who purchase their products and the people who supply them. Co-ops offer a way to transform how business is typically done; co-ops give you the opportunity to get the products and services you need on a daily basis while strengthening the community around you. Participating companies include Alaffia, Alter Eco, Divine Chocolate, Dr. Bronner’s, Equal Exchange, Guayaki, Maggie’s Organics, Organic Valley, and Theo Chocolate.

These companies along with National Co+op Grocers are aiming to raise $80,000 for the La Riojana Co-op, an Argentinian producer of wine and olive oil. Through their cooperative business model, La Riojana has been able to significantly improve the well-being of their member communities. With the funds raised, La Riojana Co-op can obtain organic certification for almost two villages, which equates to 80-95 growers.

To learn more about how these companies are helping communities to grow around the world, visit www.strongertogether.coop – and look for more information in the October Co+op Deals flyer. Happy Co-op Month!