No Senior Discounts?

Q: How come you don’t offer senior discounts?

A:  One goal that many co-ops share, including ours here in Keene, is to make local, healthy and nutritious food available to everyone, regardless of their income level.  As a result, many co-ops across the country are shifting from an age-based discount (senior discount) to an income-based discount (Healthy Food For All).  Our co-op will offer the latter program starting in September.

You may ask yourself, why not offer both an income level discount and senior discount?  Unfortunately, we can’t afford to offer both.  Grocery stores operate off of incredibly small profit margins — and during a good year, may only generate income equal to 1-3% of sales.  Offering a 10% discount erases any income on those sales, so we must be very thoughtful about how much and how many discounts we offer.

Our Co-op is finalizing the details of our Healthy Food for All program which will provide a 10% discount to those in financial need. Look for more details this fall.

As always, we welcome your feedback about this program and ideas for how our Co-op can continue to meet our community’s need for local, healthy and affordable food options.

Read more about how the Neighboring Food Co-op Association is working to support Healthy Food Access Programs at food co-ops, like ours.


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