New Feature: Ask C.C.

C.C. is the MCM Co-op’s unofficial mascot and has all of the answers to your commonly asked Co-op questions. Stay tuned for future emails – each one addressing a different question about the Co-op. Feel free to pass this information along or send us your own questions.

Dear C.C.,

I would love to join my friends and neighbors and become a member-owner of the Monadnock Community Market (MCM) Co-op – but do I have to pay the $200 member-owner fee every year?


Confused in the Monadnock Region

Dear Confused,

Becoming a member-owner means paying a one-time $200 fee to the MCM Co-op – not an annual charge.  Plus, your investment of $200 brings us all a locally-focused, community-owned grocery store in the heart of downtown Keene, AND brings money back to you, in the form of dividends, during profitable years.
Invest in our community, join the MCM Co-op.

Yours locally,

C.C. the Co-op Carrot
Monadnock Community Market Co-op
Locally owned. Locally grown. Locally eaten.

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