Monadnock Food Co-op Partners with Businesses to Launch “Shift Your Shopping NH”

On November 1, the eighth annual Shift Your Shopping holiday campaign launched for the 2018 season, encouraging individuals and businesses to “shift” more of their holiday shopping, entertaining, and dining to locally owned and independent businesses. Monadnock Food Co-op, along with twenty-six other businesses, organizations, and networks in towns and cities throughout New Hampshire, will kick off this collaborative campaign this week. The campaign continues through December.

Shift Your Shopping’s mission is to “build a tradition that strengthens local economies, expands local employment, nurtures a sense of community and provides a more relaxed, fun and rewarding holiday shopping experience.”

As part of the Shift Your Shopping festivities, the co-op will host a Shift Your Shopping Tasting Party on Friday, November 2 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m., serve as a Plaid Friday Hub on Friday, November 23, and offer a free cup of cider to customers on Cider Monday on Monday, November 26. Please, join us!

Partners bring their own local flair, using Shift Your Shopping templates as well as incorporating events like Plaid Friday and Cider Monday (pro-local antidotes to the chain-centered Black Friday and “Cyber Monday”) into their efforts. The campaign also encourages people to employ the energy and resources of Small Business Saturday as part of their season-long outreach plans.

Additionally, the campaign makes a timely economic case for buying local. Every dollar spent at a local, independent business returns 2-4 times more dollars to the community compared to a dollar spent at a non-local business. This money recirculates through the community, boosting job growth, charitable giving, and civic engagement. Sustained “buy local” campaigns have demonstrated their capacity to shift sizable portions of that spending from chains and remote businesses to local entrepreneurs, according to the Institute for Local Self Reliance.

About Shift Your Shopping NH
The Shift Your Shopping NH website ( provides a gateway to resources from many community campaigns and includes easy-to-use graphics and activities that allow participating partners to spread the critical message easily where they live. Visit the site for information on the campaign, partnering organizations, special events, and stories from Granite State communities making the shift in 2018.