Looking for Member Volunteers for Committee Work

Kathy BurkeInterested in volunteering on a board committee?  The Board has three active committees: the Member Linkage, Board Development and Board Nominating Committees.

The Member Linkage Committee works to ensure that members are informed about the board’s activities and decisions. It is responsible for planning the Annual Meeting and for quarterly “tabling” at the Co-op to glean member feedback.

The Board Development Committee makes sure the board has the training and education it needs and seeks to ensure that the next board is as good, if not better than, this board. It researches relevant articles for the Board to read and discuss at board meetings and assists in the annual board retreat.

The Nominating Committee develops a plan for recruitment of Board candidates for election and appointment. It also oversees the Board election process.

Here is your chance to serve!  Contact the board at board@monadnockfood.coop and let us know what committee you would like to join.