Good. Local. People. Meet Kevin Barth

Member-Owners, Staff, Board, Vendors, Shoppers – we all make the Monadnock Food Co-op what it is and what it can be.  Each quarter, we will highlight one of the many people who contribute to the vitality of our co-op.

Kevin Barth, the Monadnock Food Co-op’s receiver, goes above and beyond for our co-op every single day.  Though you may not see him, Kevin is one of our earliest arrivals each morning. He checks in the hundreds of product cases delivered to the co-op each day — no small job at all!   He does this all with warmth and grace, smiling and greeting every employee, customer and delivery driver he encounters.

“I love seeing the same faces here every day; the vendors, the staff, the customers,” he shared. “There is a true feeling that this is a community gathering place rather than just another place to shop.”

Originally from Sante Fe, Kevin moved to Keene in 2000. “Once I got here, I knew I was never going to leave,” he stated.

We hired Kevin at the co-op’s opening in 2013 and he was the second employee to receive the Monadnock Food Co-op’s “Beet Award.”  This quarterly award goes to a co-op staff member who most embodies the spirit of a great co-operator. They display a friendly attitude, help others out without hesitation and are incredible ambassadors of our co-op.

In addition to his role as receiver, Kevin takes on many extra roles at the co-op.  He serves on the co-op’s Green Team, helping make our co-op a more environmentally sustainable business.  Kevin is also a member of the Karma Committee, working to engage staff with fun events and activities.

Kevin’s favorite co-op event is the Monadnock Earth Festival.  “I am very passionate about sustainability, so this event is a great way to get the community educated and involved,” he shared.  “Our staff, vendors, and the public all come together for this great event… And it is just fun!”

Outside the co-op, Kevin is a dedicated father to his 16-year-old daughter and an active community member who values living a healthy lifestyle and spending time outdoors.  He enjoys woodworking, weight lifting, hiking, running, and martial arts.  “Really anything active,” he adds. “Hiking is the most enjoyable for me though.”

Kevin, like many staff, looks forward to the co-op’s expansion. “It has been great being here for so long,” he said.  “It is inspiring to see us start from an empty building and watch this business grow. And now the expansion! It will allow us to become even more involved and make a greater impact in our community.”