A Journey Worth Taking

In my late 20s I was in a losing battle with chronic bronchitis. Granted, I was working in a casino at the time, but I still figured that there must be a way that I could get well without constantly taking antibiotics, steroids and codeine-laced cough syrup. Ambling through a bookstore (one of my very favorite pastimes), I browsed a copy of Spontaneous Healing by Dr. Andrew Weil. I bought that book, read it several times, and began changing my lifestyle, particularly the foods with which I nourished my body.

You should know that I don’t do anything casually. After reading that book I began to purchase dairy products (which I no longer consume due to allergies. See my last blog post!) and produce that were strictly organic. After one of those early shopping trips, my then fiance found a very large, juicy, green caterpillar in the kitchen, suspiciously near the head of organic romaine lettuce I’d left on the counter. Let’s just say he wasn’t happy, and he made a few comments about the benefits of pesticides that he’d prefer I forget.

But I digress. Suffice it to say that this change for us was not subtle. Since I did the shopping, I was in charge of our eating…and I took that responsibility seriously. In the years since that fortuitous day back in 1997, learning about nourishment, food systems, healing, and stewardship of our planet have been high passion subjects for me. I thought I’d share with you, our readers, some of the books that have made this journey more meaningful for me and helped me to define and understand the importance of my decisions in the realm of nourishment, health and, of course, stewardship of our planet.

In no particular order, these books were all game changers for me:

There are others, I am sure, but these are the books I refer to often enough to actually own copies of them. I’d love to hear what books have inspired you!