Green Keene Teens Donate to the MCM Co-op

In 2009, 16 year-old Lucy Allosso started Green Keene Teens to change the way people think about the environment. One afternoon in February, she gathered a group of interested teens at the Keene Public Library to discuss how to make people more conscious of the world around them. The group enthusiastically discussed ideas for eco-friendly laundry soap, recycled crafts, and volunteering in the community. For the next three years, the club did just that, planting trees, picking up trash, and selling their homemade goods to fundraise.

With the help of Dan Allosso, Lucy’s father, the club started a website and blog to document their activities and inspire readers to get involved in their communities. They worked with local businesses including 24 Carrots, Stonewall Farm, and the Hannah Grimes Marketplace in their activism, selling their laundry soap and crafts, and volunteering at family events. Green Keene Teens participated in Harrisville Old Home Day three years running, talking to people about their goals and inspiration. They learned how to bake bread the old-fashioned way, and made earrings from recycled materials.

Now, at the end of their third year, Green Keene Teens members are scattering to attend college and other gap year programs. After three years of working together, the members are sad to be disbanding, but are hopeful that they can continue to contribute as individuals to the green movement. They decided to donate the money they raised to a local cause. When they heard about plans for a food co-op in Keene, they contacted Bonnie Hudspeth to discuss how the Green Keene Teens could help. It was inspiring to talk to Bonnie about the reality of the MCM Co-op and how close the plans are to breaking ground. The club decided the MCM Co-op was the perfect organization to donate the money they raised – $950 from numerous craft sales and donations. They are happy to be contributing to the community that has taught them so much, and so excited to be able to support the community-owned food co-op.  The Green Keene Teen’s money will be used to help the Co-op build and add “green” features to a bike rack. Which is planned to be a demonstration site for various green building alternative.