Go Co-op! Purple Porch Co-op

One of our amazing Member-Owners recently traveled cross-country. On their way they stopped at food co-ops and shared anecdotes and photos from each visit with us:

South Bend, Indiana is home to the Purple Porch Co-op — it opened earlier this year with 520 members.

They have a stand alone store with modest offerings of produce, bulk, prepared foods and a handful of grocery shelves.  It’s a very hospitable space and the two employees we encountered were great.  We dined from their salad bar ($7.99/# like home).

When we entered, we noticed they had bags from other Co-ops on display — hung up high over the register area — so we left our Monadnock bag to be included.

As we departed – I got this fella’s permission to be included in a photo.  Notice the Co-op  uses 12 oz. canning jars for serving iced tea.  Another cool thing is that we were able to buy eggs already hard boiled, REAL eggs. They display them in a bowl in their cooler at .99 each.  They will be great to have for tomorrow.  Great for folks on the run or on the road.

Purple Couch
It was the highlight of our 10 plus hours of driving today.