Go Co-op! Big Hollow Food Co-op

One of our amazing Member-Owners recently traveled cross-country. On their way they stopped at food co-ops and shared anecdotes and photos from each visit with us:

Big Hollow Food Co-op was the first of it’s kind in Wyoming.  Started 8 years ago, it currently has 800 member households and it is still the ONLY food co-op in the state.  Their establishment is modest in square footage but diverse in offerings with bulk, fresh produce, meats and cheeses and a good sampling of grocery items.  One of their employees was very happy to talk about all the local items they stock.  They do not have the kitchen facilities to offer prepared foods, but clearly are thinking about how to make that happen.

The first staff person we greeted as we entered the store was congenial and very enthusiastic to share.  As we browsed the store, the manager and another staffer came to find us to have more conversation.  Clearly they are proud of all they have achieved.

Laramie has a number of murals in the town and one of them decorates the exterior of Big Hollow:

Big Hollow