GMO Labeling Efforts in New Hampshire

House Bill 660

From NH Right to Know GMO

House Bill 660 will require the labeling of genetically engineered or genetically modified organisms sold in New Hampshire.  HB 660 does not ban GE or GM products; it is a labeling bill.

(HB 660 was rejected by the NH House on 1/22/14 — by a narrow margin: 185-162)

This bill will bring New Hampshire in line with other New England states that have passed, or are working on, similar legislation. Connecticut and Maine have passed labeling bills, as has the Vermont House. (Vermont’s Senate will be voting on their bill in early 2014.) Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as well as more than half of the other states, are working on similar legislation.

Do you support GMO Labeling?  Contact your representative today!

More State Information
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  • Robert Johnson: NH Farm Bureau Federation policy director
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The New Hampshire Chapter of Northeast Organic Farming Association posts regular updates on HB 660.  View their updates at


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