Expansion Update: Closing in on $250K Committed

As of today, we received $232,500 in Member-Owner Loan commitments to support our expansion project. Over 15% of our goal!

With our expansion comes more community impact, such as increased support for local farmers and producers, more local jobs, more healthy food choices, and a more positive shopping experience for you!

There are many ways you can help support our expansion project: Shop more at our co-op, talk to other Member-Owners about the expansion, and tell your friends, co-workers, neighbors about how important our co-op is to you. We need many people helping in lots of different ways to get us to our goal.

Looking for more information about our Member Loan Campaign? Contact James Holcomb at 603-283-5401 or outreach@monadnockfood.coop. Thank you!

“We love to shop at a community market with a MISSION! Our accessible downtown food market connects community, offers healthy food, and supports many local farmers and producers.”
~ Jay Smeltz


Thank you, Jay, for supporting our co-op’s expansion with a Member Loan and for serving on our board!