Tabling & Petitioning Policy

The Monadnock Food Co-op honors the diversity of our membership and recognizes that individual member-owners may hold a wide range of opinions on any given local, regional or national issue. While we encourage member-owners to individually and collectively participate in community education and the political process, we do not allow tabling or petitioning on Monadnock Food Co-op property except as stated herein.

Donation Policy

The Monadnock Food Co-op contributes food or gift cards regularly to a wide range of community organizations that align with the following guidelines. Learn more or apply here.

Round It Up Donation Drives

Quarterly, our co-op holds month-long donation drives allowing customers to round their purchase up to the nearest dollar to donate their change to a non-profit that works locally and shares our mission. Learn more or apply here.

Monadnock Cooperative Community Fund

In 2016 our co-op seeded the Monadnock Cooperative Community Fund with a $5000 donation that was matched by contributions from six other co-ops we work with. This fund acts much like an endowment that pools money from our co-op and our owners with that from other co-ops in order to help new co-ops develop while enabling us to donate the interest to local non-profits. Learn more here.

Monadnock Co-op Farm Fund

In 2016 our co-op also created the Monadnock Co-op Farm Fund in partnership with the Cheshire County Conservation District, donating $5000 that was matched by an anonymous donor. This fund acts as a grant, with the goal of distributing between $500 and $5000 per project to local farms in order to support wholesale food production. Learn more or donate here.