Discover Local: Main Street Cheese

10703626_820106271344130_55866150412770818_nIt’s Tuesday morning. Wake up, grab some ice packs, make sure my wellies are in the cargo hold and gas up the Subaru: It’s time to visit one of our local cheesemakers! Having the opportunity to visit our local cheesemakers is one of my favorite things to do and is one of my favorite perks as the cheese buyer here at the co-op.

Recently I visited Sarah Laeng-Gilliatt and her goats at Main Street Cheese in Hancock, NH. Sarah and her small team are crafting some very delicious chevre. They have 14 milking does and, when I visited, 32 kids with one more mama waiting to kid.

Sarah has been working with goats for years, starting in New Mexico. She was on a trip back through Hancock when she saw that a home that had once belonged to her grandmother was for sale.  Sarah knew that she wanted to have goats and a creamery, so spoke to town officials to get approval.

Sarah believes in raising the goats as sustainably as possible. They are rotated on pasture, which gives the land time to replenish itself and absorb the nutrients that come from the goats, rain and sun. Kids stay with their mothers for a few weeks and, once they are able to, move down the road to behind the creamery where they are bottle-fed mother’s milk and eventually a mix of milk, hay and grain. The employees at Main Street Cheese are “…working to liberate Main Street from Wall Street through local artisan cheeses!”

Sarah and her small, yet mighty, team of humans and goats make up this very young business and we are proud to have them as an addition to our cheese case and to the New Hampshire cheesemaking scene. We carry some of their soft goat cheeses and will be carrying flavored chevre from them as well.

If you find yourself in Hancock, stop by and say hello to the kids! They love company!