Discover Local: Farmers & Local Food Producers

Our Discover Local Promotion gives us the opportunity to bite into different parts of our Monadnock Food System, and learn some of the juicy details about each component — from the soil that gives rise to the delectable fruits and vegetables we seek, to the not-so-delectable (but essential) spoiled and discarded food scraps that become compost and are then returned to the soil.  This month, we’re focusing on Farmers, Producers & Gardeners (buying direct and growing your own.)   

Make a resolution this growing season: Get to know the people who grow and make your favorite local products. How?  By purchasing more of your food directly from the local farmers and producers that grow and prepare it.

Shop at Farmers’ Markets and chat with each vendor at their booth.  Visit a farmstand or “pick-your-own” farm and see for yourself how the food is grown or processed.  Or – engage in the ultimate way to get to know a farmer – join their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.


Patti Powers of Cheshire Garden and Elisa – always quick with a warm smile!

View the links below for a by-county list of farms, farmers’ markets and more near you!

View the most updated lists at NH Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food


What are your 2013 Growing Season Resolutions? 

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