Discover Local: Dan’s Brick Oven Bread

Dan's Brick Oven BreadImagine chopping the wood for your wood-fired stove, which takes half a day to reach baking temperature. Imagine sourcing your whole grains for purity, then stone milling them yourself before hand-shaping each loaf of bread with care.

This is how Dan Greenspan does bread. Making very small batches, Dan creates his Dan’s Brick Over Bread with only the purest ingredients – never using monoculture bread yeasts, processed flours, GMO ingredients, dough conditioners or preservatives. Because of his commitment to quality over quantity, this bread is a unique, delicious sourdough unlike any other bread you’re likely to find on store shelves.

Due to the nature of this bread, it lives on Monadnock Food Co-op’s shelves for only a very short time — hand delivered from Dan’s bakery in Richmond, NH on Tuesday afternoons and available only until store closing on Thursdays.

Try a loaf of Desem Wheat Rye or Early Riser — really, no matter which variety you try, you won’t be disappointed.