Co-op Board of Directors Say Thanks

On behalf of the Monadnock Community Market Co-op, the Co-op Board of Directors wants to thank the 80-plus member-owners who have already made member loans to the co-op, moving us closer to our goal of opening our community-owned and governed 12,000 square-foot, full-service food co-op in downtown Keene next spring.

In just five weeks, we have received more than $422,000 in interest-bearing loans from our member-owners.

This is a historic accomplishment: nearly 100 households from our region investing in a local business that they will own and benefit from! We are proud to be a part of it.

The overall goal of our Member Loan Campaign (April 15 – June 15) is to raise $800,000, so there is still an opportunity for more households to participate. Member loans offer member-owners an opportunity to invest in their community and in their business at an interest rate (0-4 percent) and a term length (six to 10 years) that best suits their needs.

It has been so rewarding to see how momentum for our co-op has grown. We want to honor and thank all of our founding member-owners for joining the co-op.

In just over a year, 685 founding member-owners have joined the MCM Co-op, and we have 75 active volunteers from around the region giving their time to help make our co-op a success.

Working with National Cooperative Grocer Association and Cooperative Development Services, we have completed our store design and layout, and we are ready to move into the construction phase as soon as we complete our member loan campaign.

We are so proud to represent the founding member-owners of the Monadnock Community Market Co-op, and we will continue working hard to make our collective vision a reality.

Our co-op will serve as a vibrant community gathering place around quality, local food, welcoming neighbors and contributing to our local food system and community.

For more information about the Monadnock Community Market Co-op and the Member Loan Campaign, visit our website: or call 603-355-8008.

On behalf of The Monadnock Community Market Co-op Board of Directors:
Deb O’Meara, Ed Guyot, Jaime Contois, Jen Risley, Kathy Harrington, Michael Faber and Paul Pezone, & Joe Marks