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Staff Picks! March 2020

Co-op Shrimp Cocktail Our cooks prepare this shrimp PERFECTLY. Each bite is a delectable morsel, and the sauce is delicious. This is an easy choice to bring to a party. No prep work! No mess! And you’ll get rave reviews! —Sue E.     AGAINST THE GRAIN Rosemary Rolls These are baked in a family-owned […]

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Staff Picks! January 2020

BLAKE HILL PRESERVES Strawberry with Vanilla Take your favorite cracker, smear a nice dollop of this strawberry jam, add cheddar cheese on top—pure deliciousness. It’s made for pairing with cheese but would be equally good on your morning buttered toast. —Chris C.   HIGH MEADOWS FARM Black Garlic The flavor of black garlic is really […]

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Staff Pick_Cashews

Staff Picks! November 2019

TIERRA FARMS Dark Cocoa Dusted Cashews Dry roasted cashews coated in delicious, fair-trade dark chocolate—these are literally the best-tasting snack on the planet! You’ll find them in the bulk aisle. —Erica S.     KRIEK MYTHOLOGY by Springdale Beer A bold cherry flavor that is never cloying. Tart, acidic, and features some oak characteristics from […]

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Barb & Chard

Staff Picks! October 2019

PICADILLY FARM—Rainbow Chard I just love the combined flavor of mildly bitter leaves with sweet stems. Saute this Rainbow Chard in olive oil and top with feta cheese crumbles. It’s a great alternative to kale! —Barb K.     KALAHARI Biltong If you want to love beef jerky, but don’t dig all the sugar, salt […]

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Maple Kettle Corn

Staff Picks! August 2019

Terra Nova—Bulk Organic Mexican Coffee Beans Terra Nova’s beans are ethically sourced from organic farms, then lightly roasted to perfection (just down the street from us in Keene!) bringing out the nutty & fruity flavors. I grind the beans on medium & brew in my automatic pour over machine—an exceptional way to start the day. […]

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Tim & Peak Hard Seltzer

Staff Picks! June 2019

Co-op Cut Fruit I’m often too busy to plan ahead so I love being able to grab a quick, healthy snack. Mix your favorite cut fruit with yogurt for a yummy breakfast! —Sue E.       Peak Organics—Hard Seltzer Super cool—fermented sugar & organic natural flavors give this product a sweet flavor but the […]

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Kerry & Sqirrel Bars

Staff Picks! April/May 2019

Co-op Squirrel Bars Our bakery’s gluten-free, vegan, and organic Squirrel Bars are delicious—so filling with a great mix of almonds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, and cranberries. I like to chill the bar and then cut it up into bite size pieces for the BEST snack ever! —Kerry K.     Black River Norwegian Salmon This salmon […]

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James_VooDoo Ranger

Staff Picks! Feb/Mar 2019

CO-OP Deli Snack Packs I love the convenience of our organic snack packs! The Peanut Butter or Tuna options have the perfect portions for lunch. I’m always satisfied with the mix of fruit or veggies & crackers! If you get the tuna snack pack with veggies, I recommend adding a bit of our Buttermilk Ranch […]

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Staff Pick_Graham_Sambazon

Staff Picks! January 2019

Family Finest Take N’ Bake Cheesy Breadsticks My daughter and I absolutely love these cheesy, crunchy and altogether wonderful breadsticks. Once thawed, they take less than 10 minutes to come out of the oven! Soooo, good! —Ned B.     Amazon Energy—Sambazon If you’re an early riser but not a coffee drinker, I recommend this […]

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Staff Pick_Honest Green Dragon Tea

Staff Picks! November 2018

Honest Organic Green Dragon Tea I love this product because every sip I take I hear the dragon whisper “energize.” Feel the beast it says. And I love saying “Green Dragon Tea!” Just rolls off the tongue. You should try it because you need to experience this dragon force of energy. Plus, it’s just good! […]

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