Apple Pie Contest at First Annual Meeting

Open to MCM Member-Owners who are amateur bakers.

Contest Judging Criteria:

  • Overall Appearance: 15 points
  • Crust: color, flavor, texture, “doneness”: 20 points
  • Pie Filling: consistency, “doneness”, moistness, flavor: 25 points
  • Overall Flavor: 30 points
  • Creativity: 10 points


  • Kristin’s Bakery
  • Aubrey Saxton, Merrymeeting Farm
  • Peter Howe, Peter’s Pies

Contest Rules:

  • Only one pie may be submitted per person
  • Pie must be made from “scratch” ingredients, no pre-made crusts or fillings
  • Apples must be the primary filling ingredient
  • Must be served at room temperature; cannot need refrigeration
  • Provide two copies of your recipe (one signed, one blind)
  • After judging, pies will be returned to contestants

Contestant must deliver his/her finished pie by 2:00pm at the judging station at the First Annual Meeting of the Monadnock Community Market on October 15, 2011 at Heberton Hall. There is no cost/formal registration to enter, but if possible, please call the MCM office with your intention to enter (603-355-8008). The winners will be announced at the Annual Meeting at 3:45pm.

There will be a first and second prize awarded to the entries with the two highest point totals as determined by the judges.