Antioch Graduate Student Looking at the Sustainability of the Co-op

megan kennedy intern 6.14.13Hello everyone, my name is Megan Kennedy and I am a graduate student in the Sustainable Development and Climate Change program at Antioch University New England. I am very happy to announce that I will be looking at the sustainability of the Co-op for my internship this summer.

Basically, I will be doing research on sustainability measures and then looking at how the Co-op is doing so far. I will be looking at sustainability through four lenses: Environmental, Economic, Social, and Managerial/Leadership. After the research, I will create a road map for ways in which the Co-op can become more sustainable. I hope to give the Co-op something that will be helpful and easy to tackle.

My interest in this type of work comes from many different experiences I have had up until now. Growing up in the Ohio Valley, I was aware at an early age of large-scale monoculture crop systems and this sparked my interest in more sustainable food production systems. In the last semester of college, I studied abroad in Italy and fell in love with the culture, the people, and, of course, the food! I quickly decided to extend my stay and taught English for a year longer. This led to many opportunities, like travelling throughout the country visiting vineyards and farms, shopping at food markets in large Italian piazzas, and learning the language. After returning home, I realized that learning how to contribute to a more sustainable food system was a passion and priority. Studying at Antioch has given me some useful tools to be able to figure out ways to use sustainability to create a better system.

I am very excited to be interning with the Food Co-op and hope to meet you while I am there! Don’t be startled if I ask you some questions at some point- employee and customer input is an important part of what I will be considering in my report!

If you have any questions, or if you would like to talk to me about sustainability and the Co-op sometime, please email me-

Look forward to seeing you at the Co-op,

Megan Kennedy