Round Up for Monadnock Substance Abuse Services

Slider 2016 MFS Round UPOur Co-op is excited to partner with Monadnock Family Services to raise money for their Monadnock Substance Abuse Services program throughout September as it is vital to the health of our community right now. We hope to raise $7000 by asking our generous shoppers to round up the change from their purchase to the nearest dollar or $5 to donate to this program.

The Monadnock Region is gripped by a crisis in the use of opioid drugs that has infested our communities and has affected a growing number of our neighbors and co-workers. MFS’s Monadnock Substance Abuse Services has been providing treatment, especially for people with limited resources to pay for these services without help. We guide persons as young as age 12 to recognize their substance use problem, and develop tools to reduce risk for further problems.  Says Kevin Holfelner of Monadnock Family Services.

Almost all of us know a person or family affected by this current crisis, and while our co-op is a fantastic resource to improve a family’s nutritional health, for many of our neighbors the struggle with a consuming addiction is a far higher priority than nutrition. Monadnock Substance Abuse Services exists as a resource to help rescue people from addiction and return them to their families and our community as healthy, productive, and participating citizens. We are excited about this opportunity to support MFS’s work to stitch the tears in our community fabric that drug abuse creates; educating those susceptible to drugs in order to prevent abuse; and creating a stronger regional economy that loses fewer resources to drug abuse and addiction with healthy, productive workers and stable, happy families.

MFS Logo-largerFor an overview of the Monadnock Substance Abuse Services, visit their webpage. However, if you or a family member are in need of services to help you achieve sobriety and recovery so you can regain control over your life, please call them directly at (603) 357 4400. There, staff can help you with a personal action plan to meet your individual objectives and restore many of the things the use of substances has taken from your life.