Round Up to Send Kids to Farm Camp

Shoppers at Monadnock Food Co-op rounded up their purchases in order to donate change to the Jeffrey P. Smith Farm Camp Scholarship throughout the month of June, 2016 – raising a grand total of $2430!

Kids ages 5-20, living in Cheshire County, can apply for this scholarship in order to go to a summer camp of their choice that focuses on sustainable growing techniques, agriculture, and the natural world. Many of the children who are most at risk for the negative health outcomes associated with low-income households are also those who can’t afford to go to summer camp that would teach them how to grow and prepare their own healthy food and connect them to the natural world around them.

The funds we raised will be used for next year’s applicants. This year, 22 lucky recipients were sent to a range of farm camps and conferences around the region. Learn more about the recipients and process here.