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Commitments to Community & Staff

A few Saturdays ago, I needed to pick up a specific cereal for a friend’s child and I found myself at a discount grocery across town. I had been there once before to check out the competition when they first opened, and both times the atmosphere felt depressing and unwelcoming. So, I bought the cereal […]

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Roasted Root Vegetables

Sweet & Savory Spins on Seasonal Produce

Tasting Friday, 12/08, 6:00 – 7:30pm This week’s featured produce items are local two root vegetables — beets and white potatoes — plus butternut squash from Picadilly Farms in Winchester, NH, and are all on sale now. These local, nutrient-dense, and colorful foods are packed into our two delicious recipes — Roasted Rosemary Root Vegetables […]

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