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CCOF Foundation Organic Champion Award 2017

The California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), a nonprofit organization that provides organic certification, education, advocacy and promotion, last week honored National Co+op Grocers (NCG) with its first CCOF Foundation Organic Champion Award at its 2017 annual conference, “Organic Inspiration and Innovation: Ideas that Are Changing the Way We Grow.” NCG is the business services co-op […]

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view from Marriott_1024

Wanted: Hosts, Investors and Champions for Community Supported Solar!

As you might remember, we eagerly installed a 106-panel solar array on our roof last spring. Since the panels went live on May 25th, we have generated over 30,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. In addition to this making our building and our business more sustainable, we were able to successfully pilot Community Supported Solar (CSS)-something […]

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Rishi Matcha

Staff Picks! February 2017

Februrary 2017 Rishi Tea House Matcha Tea  This matcha is the real deal—a fantastic first flush pick, Japanese powder. It’s a great price for .70 grams—I’ve shopped around! I’m crazy about this super condensed green tea—160x the benefits of regular green tea—and this one is amazing for many reasons, like taste, but the health benefits […]

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Mango Tart

Delightfully Healthy! Sweet & Spicy!

Tasting Friday, 2/24, 4:30 -6:30pm Mangos Mangos have been around for ages and were first cultivated in India several centuries ago. Interestingly enough, this oval-shaped fruit belongs to the same family of plants as pistachios and cashews! Pistachios and cashews also stem from fruit-bearing trees that can grow up to 100-feet in the tropics. This juicy fruit […]

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Delightfully Healthy! Color Me Red!

Tasting Friday, 2/10, 4:30 -6:30pm Red D’Anjou Pears Winter! The time of the year when it’s cold outside, a hot cup of tea is a blessing, and roasted fruit is traditionally on the menu. The produce being featured this week, red D’Anjou pears, were first domesticated in China thousands of years ago and currently pears […]

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Ryan and Michael_Beet Jan 2017

Ryan’s Got The Beet!

Congratulations to our latest Beet Award recipient, Ryan Rouleau! Ryan has been with our co-op for over two years. Since joining the Meat & Seafood Department, Ryan’s product knowledge and enthusiasm is on display everyday as he interacts with his customers. Need an impressive roast for a big dinner you’re having? Ryan knows exactly what […]

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