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Cave to Co-op: Grafton Organic Clothbound

This month’s special cheese is Organic Clothbound Cheddar from Grafton Village Cheese, handmade in Vermont. The Grafton Village Cheese Company was founded in 1892 as the Grafton Cooperative Cheese Company, to convert surplus milk from local dairy farmers into cheese. In 1912, the cheesemaking factory burned down and the community had no cheese facility until […]

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Cave to Co-op: White Diamond

This month’s special cheese is WHITE DIAMOND from Boston Post Dairy, Enosburg Falls, VT. Boston Post Dairy is located on the Gervais Family Farm, a family run farm in northern Vermont owned and operated by Robert and Gisele Gervais and 12 of their 15 children. The Gervais family have been farming the property since 1962 […]

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Round Up to Send Kids to Farm Camp

Shoppers at Monadnock Food Co-op rounded up their purchases in order to donate change to the Jeffrey P. Smith Farm Camp Scholarship throughout the month of June, 2016 – raising a grand total of $2430! Kids ages 5-20, living in Cheshire County, can apply for this scholarship in order to go to a summer camp […]

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Kathy Burke

Forecasting Finances and Patronage Rebates

The Co-op’s continued success is keeping your Board of Directors focused on the future.  With the guidance of our General Manager, we annually review the trends in the natural foods industry and this is reflected in efforts to improve the co-op’s offerings. With those trends in mind, we are asking ourselves “where do we want […]

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Fermentation Fun!

The century-old technique of preserving food is on a comeback in the culinary and health world—the health benefits of fermented foods have been scientifically proven to help the human body in numerous ways (thanks to the naturally forming probiotics), and as people become more interested preparing foods from scratch, eating locally, and enjoying the harvest, […]

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