Archive | August, 2012

July Construction Update

Harvey Construction is busy with site work at the co-op’s future building location.  Because our project is part of Monadnock Economic Development Corporation‘s larger redevelopment of the Railroad Square area, there are many time-consuming pieces that need to be coordinated in conjunction with our project. Please be patient, progress is being made. One of the […]

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Peaches and Cream Pops

Ingredients: 3 ripe peaches 1 cup vanilla yogurt 2 tsp fresh lemon juice ¼ cup water Method: Pit peaches and puree with water and lemon juice.  Evenly distribute peach mixture into ice pop molds. Spoon yogurt into molds and swirl briefly with a butter knife or the back of a spoon before inserting sticks and […]

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Savor Our Seasons: Peaches

By Liza Drew, RD Flavorful fact: The Chinese “tree of life” originally was a peach tree, as peaches symbolize unity and immortality.  Peach blossoms are still traditionally used in Chinese wedding ceremonies for that reason. Biting into a ripe peach is sometimes a messy experience, but is definitely well worth the sticky chin. Peaches are […]

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