What Are Our Hopes & Dreams for Our Co-op?

We asked the community to share their hopes & dreams for our local food co-op at the Groundbreaking Ceremony.  Their wishes will go into the foundation of the Monadnock Food Co-op, literally.  Here are our hopes & dreams — shared by our friends, family & neighbors:

  • I hope the co-op teaches our community how interdependent we are to each other – and the land, water and air that sustains us. ~James Duffy
  • I dream of a community marketplace with local foods and goods that is inclusive and pays employees a living wage. ~ Jamie Capach
  • Incentivizing local organic production and purchasing. ~ Meg Kidd
  • Clean, delicious smells, colorful displays, bright and inviting!  ;-0  ~Paula McQuillan
  • Happy, Healthy People!
  • Homey, rustic and comfortable deli area to hang out. ~ Kimberly Tuck
  • True Community.
  • A welcoming gathering space.
  • Let Whole-some become Whole-all: Let the best be available to all, not just some. ~ Ella Rank
  • Neighbors & community connected through healthy food – what could be better!
  • Fresh wonderful produce/food & a place that can be walked to.
  • Local food, local economy, local fun!
  • For it to be welcoming and educational. ~ Ruth Venezia
  • To bring a higher sense of community. . .    ~ Aylene Wozmak
  • Our co-op is a vibrant, welcoming, community-oriented space where people love to work, shop, gather, and celebrate life!  ~Bonnie Hudspeth
  • Affordable, healthful food in a pleasing nearby store where I’ll see my friends and neighbors when I shop. ~ Jane Shapiro
  • Organic, local food for all.
  • It feels welcoming.
  • I would like the Co-op to feel welcoming…no harsh/glaring lighting. ~ Catherine Smith
  • Healthy food awareness for more people.
  • Bounty in wares, community and longevity. Be the change! ~ Robin Boyd
  • Please plan for no car parking near the building.
  • Healthy, tasty, local products. ~ Gill Truslow
  • Like home, with food we can trust, grown or raised with honor and good intent! ~Kathy Brooks
  • I hope it will create more jobs with a liveable wage and reasonable hours.
  • Local feel: Highlighting regional artists (ex. wooden counters and veggie stands made by local woodworkers, murals and artwork featuring local agriculture and community). A place where employees, management and members work together.  ~Jaime Contois
  • I hope our co-op exudes positive, healthy, locally grown, food energy!! ~ Peggy Greenough
  • Bringing local farmers fare to our fair tables. ~ Robert Germerot
  • I hope the Co-op gathers us all in and feels like home-bread in the oven and soup on the stove.  I hope it will also be a place to honor and support local artists and artisans and musicians — beauty on the walls and shelves and intriguing melody in the air.  Our Co-op should make us hum! ~ Marcia Wessels
  • Local food from local farmers and producers!
  • An appealing “foodscape” in a warm, friendly, setting.
  • Our co-op will be strong, enthusiastic & economically sustainable.
  • My son to be happy, eat well and participate in community.
  • Wine! Local wine!
  • News & archives
  • Bulk maple syrup & bulk liquid laundry soap
  • Cafe!
  • Local food, local economy, local fun!
  • Lots of local goods & produce – and helpful programs for the community.
  • Specialty foods from me!
  • Reconnection to the deep foundation of traditional knowledge.
  • Fresh wonderful produce/food and a place that can be walked to.
  • A new venue for community gathering and local eats!
  • Good beer!  Good hot food!  Smoothies!
  • Cafe with music in the evening (and of course fine served-up eats)!
  • Food we can trust; welcoming gathering space; supporting local producers, artists, artisans, farms and, and, and…; in walking distance – the heart of Keene
  • Neighbors and community connected through healthy food – what could be better?

Would you like to share your hopes & dreams for Monadnock Food Co-op with us? Share your note using this link.

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