Sourcing 100% Renewables for 2018 & Beyond!

In addition to the Community Supported Solar array on our roof, a recent LED lighting retrofit, and use of “Polar Power” to pump cold outside air into our coolers, we have also signed a contract with Constellation New Energy to source our additional electricity from renewable sources for the 2018 calendar year, and beyond.

We recognize that Climate Change is a serious threat to our suppliers, both worldwide and at home. From the floods and landslides that plagued organic banana farmers in Peru this spring, to the wildfires affecting California vineyards, and the drought that hit our state’s dairy farmers especially hard last year, the increasingly volatile climate that affects our global community is something our cooperative strives to avoid.”I am so proud that despite almost doubling our staff and sales since opening five years ago, we have been able to reduce our overall energy consumption over the past two years! We are also excited to be able to support the generation of wind energy to cover the remaining electricity necessary to power our store,” said Michael Faber, General Manager of Monadnock Food Co-op.

The Co-op’s agreement with Constellation New Energy allows the Co-op to buy Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) from wind power for 100% of their estimated electricity usage beyond that produced by the rooftop solar array. For every unit of renewable electricity generated through wind energy technology, an equivalent amount of RECs is produced. The purchase of RECs supports renewable wind electricity generation and reduces conventional electricity generation in the region.

As renewable energy becomes increasingly more price-competitive, we hope many other businesses in our community will join our co-op in investing in initiatives like the Community Supported Solar Project with Monadnock Sustainability Network, and in sourcing renewable power to meet their needs. Working for the safety, security, and resilience of our community in the face of Climate Change will take every one of us, contributing in every way we can. Thank you to all the staff and community members who have been integral in both our energy reduction and transition to renewable energy sources!

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