Discover Local: Micro Mama’s – Living Foods for Living Beings

IMG_3928Micro Mama’s is a line of lacto-fermented vegetable products made in Henniker & Weare, NH that is new to our shelves. All of the products are raw, naturally fermented, 100% organic, locally grown, gluten-free, and vegan. As a solution to the short New England growing season, Micro Mama’s uses all locally grown, organic ingredients when they ARE in season to create delicious, health supporting, nourishing fermented foods which extend the availability of local, organic foods into the non-growing season. Pure brilliance, really! Liven up your gray winter with some Silly Dilly Carrots (they really do taste like dill pickles!), or boost your immune system with some Immune Root Tonic from Micro Mama’s today.

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