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From Your Board of Directors: Board Election Updates

There are two ways to be considered for a position on the Board. An interested member can submit a board candidate application which includes a statement of interest to the nominating committee, or a member can be nominated through a petition signed by signed by at least fifty eligible voting co-op members. All candidates must be current Member-Owners in good standing.

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Board Update: Monadnock Food Co-op Board’s Governance Model and Ends Policies

The Policy Governance Model is an effective way for boards to lead by creating and clarifying expectations by setting standards of performance for staff. Expectations are created by first outlining the Ends Policies. The Ends Policies are designed to be the organizational purpose – similar to a mission statement. John Carver, the creator of the Policy Governance Model writes, “Policy Governance boards demand accomplishment of purpose, and only limit the staff’s available means to those which do not violate the board’s pre-stated standards of prudence and ethics.”

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