Brief History of Co-op Committee Progress to Date (February 2008 – December 2009)

February 2008: Monadnock Farm and Community Connection forms and 4 committees are created (Co-op, Infrastructure, Education and Inventory)

April 2008: The MFCC Co-op Committee has its first official meeting
•    Co-op committee members table at Earth Day and connect with community members

September 2008: MFCC Co-op Committee creates mission and vision statement

November 2008: Co-op Committee and the Keene Farmer’s Market co-host community forum, Local Food Downtown “bringing agriculture to the center of Keene,” with an attendance of 75 people

December 2008: 3 officers are voted in: Committee chair, Secretary and Treasurer

January 2009: Co-op committee votes to higher Cooperative Development Services to conduct food co-op feasibility study
•    Co-op Advisory Committee forms, consisting of local and regional community leaders

February 2009: Subcommittees form: Marketing and Communications, Governance and Finance and Fundraising

April 2009: The City of Keene approves $5,000 appropriation to support the Co-op Committee feasibility study after Co-op supporters attend 4 City Council meetings
•    Co-op committee members table at Earth Day and connect with community members

June 2009: Start Marketing Feasibility Study

October 2009: Start Financial Economic Feasibility Assessment

November 2009: Co-op Committee votes on Monadnock Community Market as Co-op name (based on review of community surveys)

December 2009: Laid out timeline for the remaining development of the Monadnock Community Market.

January 2010: Working on finishing the organizing phase of Co-op development:
1.    Finishing By-laws and certificate of incorporation
2.    Incorporating
3.    Determine definition of Membership (responsibilities and benefits, member equity requirement) to prepare for Membership drive
4.    Forming Board of directors

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