New 2017 Board Members

Lisa Mahar

Keene Resident
Retired Lead Administrator at Monadnock Waldorf School
Board Incumbent

I look forward to an opportunity to serve for a second term on our Board of Directors. As a member-owner I want to contribute to the success of this dynamic organization. I share the cooperative values that are at the heart of MFC. I see board service as an opportunity to serve the community of member-owners, shoppers, employees, farmers, and suppliers that make Monadnock Food Co-op a shining example of the benefits of working together for the larger good.


Jay Smeltz

Keene Resident
Human Resources Coordinator at W.S. Badger Co.
Board Incumbent

From our co-op’s beginnings, I have felt a strong connection to the Co-op’s Ends Statements that remind us of who we are and what we wish to achieve. As a board member and owner, I have seen how we have all helped to create a healthier food system and a cooperatively owned business that supports local agriculture and our local economy, while creating a sense of community in downtown Keene. We’ve returned a small, but meaningful patronage refund, and are considering what our co-op will look like in 5 years. I want to continue to be involved with our cooperative efforts.

Craig Thompson

Harrisville Resident
Owner of Mayfair Farm

The Co-op is a treasure of the Monadnock Region. All of us who are members, especially those of us like myself who are both members and vendors, need to be prepared to help support the co-op in any way possible. To that end, if elected I would be happy to serve.




Dan Maynard-Wyzik

Keen Resident
Owner of Nature & Nurture Creative

Though I am a new member of the Co-op Community, I believe that I have a lot to contribute. I relocated to Keene from Brooklyn where I studied Business at NYU, then worked in advertising and marketing. The co-op played a vital role in my choosing Keene as a place to plant roots and start my own business. I now work with start-up to mid-size national brands to fully develop an authentic market approach that reaches customers in traditional and digital communities. I believe that companies, if run with the community in mind, can change the world.